Mama Be Present

Hi, beautiful mama.

I see you.

Driving here, running there, folding this, cleaning that, wiping butts, cooking stat, then, hitting the pillow and wondering if it was all enough. Even after ALL the things you did with your invisible cape on, you can’t help but feel mom guilt over what you did or didn’t do.

You’re consumed by perfection. You feel oh-so-stretched thin.
You think that if you’re not going big with everything, you’re failing.

I feel you.

But guess what?

The things our kids need the most from us are the things that don’t ask much of us.

The simple things. The little things. The most painfully basic things.

This isn’t news to you or me, but in our busy, modern, always-on lives, it’s often easy to forget. We need gentle reminders, and we need them often.

That’s where our journey comes in:

Mama Be Present is a free community for toddler moms who are seeking simple yet impactful ways to not only connect with their little ones, but to slow down and connect more with themselves in the process.

Every Tuesday, I post tiny, mighty joy prompts in the private Facebook group, on the MBP Instagram, and on the blog. These are simple nudges that I hope will make you more present and joyful in this crazy, beautiful season.

Here’s how it started:

how it began

One tiring morning, my 3-year-old and I were sitting hip to hip on the couch eating apples. The TV was off, my phone was out of sight, and all you could hear was, well, apples. Then, he leaned in and kissed my cheek.

My world stopped spinning in the best way possible. Then, I had an AHA. Read More.

who we are

While I’ve worn many hats in this bumble-bee life (journalist, entrepreneur, self-care coach, and, and, and), my favorite role is Mama.

I started wearing this hot-pink, sparkly hard hat in October 2020. After 24 months in the adoption process and 52 nights in South Korea, we brought our boy home. Read More.


Thanks to Brit’s journeys, I’ve learned to slow down and find excitement in the everyday. I no longer wonder if being a stay-at-home mom makes a difference in this world.

Kathryn Getty

I’m recharged from the experience and the community that Brit has cultivated. I’m more focused on what matters to me.

Ursla Null

ready to savor this season with other amazing mamas?