Mama Be Present: Eat By Candlelight

OK, so, I’m fully aware that my toddler is blowing out the candlelight on a prompt that says to eat by candlelight. Just setting realistic expectations from the get-go, ya know? 😉

BUT here’s the deal:

Just the sheer act of lighting a candle or two (even if they only burn for a minute or two) immediately changes everything.

One tiiiiny little flame can shift our moods, soothe our minds, and calm the chaos. It makes us more intentional and present. It also has this special way of dressing up the occasion.

One cold, winter night, after daddy had been out of town for four days, I was spent once dinner hit. I wasn’t in the mood to sit next to my 3-year-old for yet another meal of not-so-riveting, basically non-existent conversation. I needed a change of pace.

Not only did I decide to switch seats and sit across from him, but lighting two little candles changed the atmosphere in seconds.

It suddenly became a little date for us. We smiled more. We actually held some conversations. He didn’t say, “Just nothing,” when I asked him questions.

And even though he quickly blew these mini beauties out, that was special in itself, because um, blowing out candles on a random Wednesday night suddenly makes it feel like it’s your birthday!

Speaking of:

If your kiddo’s like mine and can’t wait to make the flame kaput, make the most of that fleeting flicker with a song!


Happy [day of the week] to you,
Happy [day of the week] to you,
Happy [day of the week] dear [kiddo’s name],
Happy [day of the week] to you!

To flipping a mundane meal into a magical one,
Brit + JeeWoo

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