Mama Be Present: Just Roll With It

Is today a day that’s going awry?
Are you so burnt out you’re too tired to cry? 

Did your toddler wake up two hours too soon?
Are they screaming again for that red balloon? 

Well, now that whole bag of berries just spilled.
And where is that third cup of coffee you filled? 

Ah ha! Next to that toast they won’t eat.
Oh crap, now a poop-covered toilet seat. 

Wherever you’re at in this chaotic day,
Here’s something that might melt your worries away: 

First, remember you’re far from alone, 
If your house ain’t a mess, it’s not a true home. 

Then, grab your kiddo and pump up the music,
Let go of perfection and just ROLL with it! 

In other words…

Dance in the kitchen,
Shake off your stress,
Spin ‘round in circles,
Delay getting dressed.

Feel your moods lift, 
As you let loose together, 
And remember, these moments, 
They won’t last forever.

The stressful, the blissful, 
The heavy, the tender, 
The ugly, the beautiful,
They won’t last forever. 


Dance with it.
Laugh with it.
Pump up the music,
And just roll with it.

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