Mama Be Present: Pears on the Stairs

JeeWoo + I have this thing where any time we both eat a pear, we HAVE to enjoy them on the stairs together. I don’t know how this little ritual began (#mombrain), but here’s what I do know: It fills us both up. Here’s why:


I’m not against screens. Without the shiny things, I’d never be able to cook or clean. And, let’s face it, you and I wouldn’t be connecting like we are.


We all know how important it is to take a break from those addicting devices, and one of the best ways to do it? Out of sight, out of mind.

By removing ourselves from the kitchen table (where I often let my phone tag along) and the living room (where a big ‘ol rectangle lures us in), we have none of our usual digital distractions. We have no choice but to focus on our food + each other, which brings me to the next benefit:


When you sit next to a toddler, in a place that feels like the middle of nowhere, while tightly gripping to and loudly gnawing on a ripe piece of fruit, all of your senses come alive.

What would normally be a passive, rushed, or on-the-move snack sesh suddenly becomes a slowed-down, full-blown, mind-body experience.

Not only does it give us a nice recharge, but it also promotes…


Studies show that mindful, no-screen eating can help us digest better, derive more pleasure from what we’re grubbin’ on, recognize when we’re full (So important for littles!), and avoid emotional or stress eating. It can make us feel fuller quicker and satisfied longer.

Most importantly, noshing unplugged with your little one is…


I think JeeWoo runs for those stairs when we’ve got our pears because he knows he’ll have all of me. Even if we’re not talking, we’re saying all the loving things to each other just by being oh-so-presently hip to hip.

So, the next time your mini eating machine needs their 76th snack of the day, why not make it for two, and create a tradition to boot?

Pssst! Pears and stairs not required. 😉

As long as you’re both noshing in an offbeat location, your mission is complete.
Bon Appetit!

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