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29177421_10105579829982949_290181137412653056_oMy coaching experience with Brit was nothing short of amazing. She helped me create space and focus in what could have been a very hectic and scattered time for me — as I was very busy with working full time, growing my side business and working through Marie Forleo’s B-School. I could have easily felt burnt out and overstretched, but I didn’t! This is because of Brit’s dedication to helping me prioritize my own self and well-being above everything else.

Her weekly challenges were fun and refreshing and having her as my accountability buddy through the whole thing kept me feeling positive and motivated.

We worked together on coming up with what I wanted to focus on, so it felt like the coaching as very much catered to me and what I was struggling with week to week or even day to day.

At the end of our two months, I learned how beneficial it is to make time for yourself while trying to achieve your dreams. Slowing down, taking breaks, and taking time to just breathe is only going to add to your success because doing those things brings you energy, clarity and focus. I cannot thank Brit enough!

— Lizzie Greco, Designer @ Craftbelly and Paper Girl Creative

Picture1Brit coached me on my journey back to art. I was an art major in college and always loved painting. Now, I am a new mom and former kindergarten teacher. I am currently home with my son and decided it’s been long overdue for me to pick up my paintbrushes.

Returning to creating art was A LOT harder than I imagined. There was always something that took priority over painting. I talked with Brit about my frustrations in leaving art on the back burner and she offered to coach me in my artistic endeavors. I agreed and the adventure began.

First, Brit assigned me a book, “Big Magic” to get the creative juices flowing. This book inspired me to get up and spend a little time every day on my painting. I did 15 minutes in the morning, and I STILL tried to avoid it. Starting seemed to be the hardest part. It was like working out after years of nothing. It always felt good afterwards, but man did I need some persuading to begin.

Next, Brit had me find my creative space. I made an art studio in the guest bedroom, and now there were even less excuses not to paint. I had everything I needed in one place. I just needed to show up. Ok, I can do this.

During our weekly check-ins, Brit would listen intently and gently push me to do more. It was like therapy, I kid you not. She was getting to the root of my avoidance.

I realized how much I cared about what people thought of my art that my fear of failure was crippling. Brit had me create art just for me and no one else. She had me start at the basics — make art because I love it, not because of what someone else will think.

So once making art became a habit, I signed up for a craft market and decided to put myself out there. I was completely terrified, but I had Brit in my back corner coaching and guiding me along. I wound up creating ornaments and sold almost every one. I worked relentlessly before the market and never felt better.

Yes, it was hard work, but now, a part of myself that was hiding all those years was finally able to shine. I still make art every day. It’s part of my routine. I would never have done it without Brit. I knew I wanted something to change, but I didn’t know how. With Brit’s coaching, my dream of being an artist came into fruition. I am so unbelievably grateful.

— Kaitlin Schmidt, Artist & Mama

Picture1I took this journey with Brit despite having some serious doubts. Initially, the idea of needing an instructor or coach was laughable. After all, on paper I was succeeding.

However, in the process of becoming a working adult, I’ve adopted strategies to “get by.” But I don’t want to just survive or “get by.” I want to thrive!

With Brit’s guidance, we examine what, when, where, why, and how we think, move, eat and drink. Questioning these relatively small, mindless habits and patterns actually reveals A LOT.

Brit is there every step of the way, listening to your responses, pushing you to go deeper, and providing layers of encouragement. There is so much personal, nuanced attention. There’s something about Brit’s engagement that creates a safe place to take risks and share.

Look, I was skeptical. I never visit the self-help section in the book store. I am dubious of life coaching. I don’t think anyone can magically fix my life with a mantra. Brit’s programs don’t feel like any of these things. Yes, there’s guidance and weekly challenges, but I did the work myself. Nobody experiences it in exactly the same way. You have to do the work. You have to reflect. We can’t always push ourselves in new directions.

I can’t tell you where it will go, but I can promise that if you engage, you’ll be changed on the other side.

— Katie Barak, PhD, Jack of All Trades

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