Mama Be Present: Glow Stick Dip

Remember when I told you that you wouldn’t have to buy anything for these joy prompts except maybe some glow sticks because…glow sticks? Well, here we are. 

If you don’t have a box of these things on the ready, stop what you’re doing and order ‘em already!

Then, when an invite to bath time brings The Toddler Wrath, ask ‘em the following: 

How ‘bout a GLOW STICK BATH? 

Their tears will subside. Their frown will fade away.
Then, oh-so-enthusiastically, they’ll shout the loudest YAAAAAY!

Perhaps this is a trick you’ve used time and again, 
Or maybe you’re like, Whoa! Toddler Rave Bath for the WIN! 

Wherever you’re at, here’s something to agree on:
Everything’s more fun with a little bit of NEON!

And oh, the joy that can spark,
When things glow in the dark! 

So, flick off those lights, drop the sticks in the tub, 
And get ready for a game-changing scrub-a-dub-dub. 

From bracelets and swords to crowns and necklaces, 
With these bendy wonder wands, the possibilities are endless.

So the next time your moods could use a good flip, 
Don’t forget the power of a GLOW STICK DIP! 

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