Mama Be Present: Honk-Honks & Knuckles

In our old neighborhood, every Wednesday morning was a momentous one for me and my little one, thanks to the grand arrival of THE TRASH TRUCK! 😍

As soon as we heard it beeping, loading, and rolling closer, we’d bundle up over our PJs, run to the balcony and wait. Then, here would come David, the trash man — smiling, waving, gloriously honking, blasting his hip-hop, and always yelling, “JeeWoo!!”

While he emptied our trash cans, we’d yell back and forth about our weeks, the weather, and our kids. If we were in the driveway or in the ‘hood, he’d always give JDub some knuckles before granting him another honk-honk and getting on his way. 🚛✨✨✨

When Christmas rolled around, he even gave JeeWoo his OWN trash truck. We’re not talking about some small, logo’d toy from the waste management company. We’re talking a store-bought truck that’s still big enough for JeeWoo to ride around on. It blew us all away.

David brought us so much joy, that the morning I told him we were moving, I came inside and cried. 😭😂 I just knew no one would ever compare to him.

And while trash day isn’t quite the same these days, our hankerings for honk-honks have still remained. Not only do our new trash guys kindly oblige, but so do all the drivers we prompt at stoplights, in parking lots, on the road, and even in the random neighborhoods we follow them into.

It never gets old. It makes all of us smile. It’s the simplest interaction, but it brings BIG joy!

So, want to turn trash day into a special occasion or add some excitement to your time on the road?

When you see a truck-a trekkin’, get those arms-a pumpin’, and get those horns-a honkin’! Then, see-a what-a happens…

Psst! We recently drove into our old neighborhood with the hope of finding Trash Man of the Decade. Not only did we find him in minutes, but guess what the first word out of his mouth was? “JeeWoo!”

And guess what JW got? Some knuckles. 💛

I almost cried…again. 😂

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