Coming to you in 2022

While I don’t have all the answers (and never will), I do have this crazy calling to share just some of what I’ve learned in this life. My upcoming book is about how to find joy in moments and seasons of waiting. (Pssst! We spend 90% of our lives waiting.)

Although I’ve been starting, stopping, adding, cutting, renaming, and restructuring it since 2017, every single step of this adventure has held a very special purpose. Even in the times I was needing a break from all of it (and there were many), I now see that something great was still at work.

Even in the moments that I decided to change focus, I now see that I was writing about the same things all along. And even when I was mad at myself for not getting this thing out into the world, I now see why it wasn’t time.

But now it’s time. Oh, it’s time. March 31, 2022 is my personal deadline to complete the manuscript. I am sooo looking forward to sharing this with you.