The Book

‘Mama be present’ is AVAILABLE NOW!

My first book, Mama Be Present: 40 Simple Yet Magical Ways to Find Joy in The Toddler Days, is officially available for purchase!

These days, us moms are swimming in a sea of socially curated, picture-perfect moments that leave us feeling like we aren’t doing enough to create magical childhoods for our kids. And yet with the day-to-day overwhelm and general busyness of life, it feels impossible for us to find time and energy to be the moms the world tells us to be.

But what if…it wasn’t that complicated?

Could a bag of rice provide hours of entertainment? Is self-care really as simple as drinking a glass of water? Could beautiful moments be inspired from things you already have on hand? Before you’ve even had coffee?

Mama Be Present provides 40 accessible ways to spark a moment of fun, connect with your child/ren, or seek some much-needed rest. It’s a practical tool for the practice of parenting, delivering solution-based prompts that can be used at any time and (almost) any place.

Whether you read it as needed or devour it in one sitting, you will discover:

  • candid and comical stories that will leave you feeling less alone.
  • simple ideas to show up for your kid/s and fill your cup in the process.
  • short yet soulful reflections that shift your perspectives or expectations.
  • recap questions that can turn everyday moments into captured memories.

Most of all, you’ll learn that it doesn’t take much to make magic out of a simple moment. It just requires your presence, which is always enough.


“Brit has a gentle and honest way of reminding us moms to embrace the chaos. This book is the calm we all need in the storm of new motherhood.”

—SHAYNA FERM, author of Parentally Incorrect + creator of The Pump and Dump Show

“I’ll be sharing this book with parents in my classes, as Brit’s collection of stories and suggestions bring great understanding, reassurance, and humor to life with a toddler. One thing is true: The way to joy is through the exhaustion and chaos, and these prompts point the way. Bravo to Brit for creating something personal, beautiful, and REAL for mamas everywhere.”

—KAREN DEERWESTER, owner of Family Time, Inc. + host of the See Me Hear Me Love Me podcast

“Ever since participating in Brit’s take-a-break challenge in 2016, I’ve been a big fan of her work. Not only has she inspired various MOPS communities I’ve invited her to speak at, but thanks to her engaging and convincing principles of self-care, I’ve kept up with many habits I’ve developed from her online programs. Now, she has created a book for moms that is simple in practice yet so deeply powerful. Her writing is a gift.”

—SHERRI CRANDALL, VP of Global Ministries and Leadership Experience at MOPS International

“Brit strikes a powerful balance between hilarious and raw, story and research, and light-hearted and profound as she walks alongside moms guiding them in the most contradictory role in life: motherhood.”

—CHRISTIN BOURG, special education teacher + MBP community member

“I didn’t realize how much I needed this until I read the last page with tears streaming down my face. It makes me feel so seen. Every time I read it, I discover new ways to connect with my kids and most of all, myself.”

—ERIN MARTINEZ, public health professional + MBP community member