When it comes to the workplace, rest and play are a counterculture, but when leaders dare to embrace it, the entire work experience transforms for them and their teams.

In this workshop, leaders learn simple, science-backed ways to take better breaks and how modeling and supporting this behavior is essential for problem-solving, innovation, joy, and satisfaction at the office and beyond.

Not only do I share a mix of different break ideas, scientific studies, and real-life stories, but I also engage participants in honest conversations and interactive, small-group activities. It’s amazing can happen when you truly unplug and replenish your mind and body in practical yet game-changing ways:

Leaders and teams are not only more energized, productive and happy at work, but also more present and intentional at home.

Everything about this day touched my heart. I have noticed huge changes already at work, home and even in my marriage. We took away so many amazing things! — Christina Argo


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