Well, hi! I’m Brit. <hip bump> <high five>

I’m a mama, multi-passionate creative, community leader, master communicator, and life-change facilitator. I love writing, dancing in the kitchen, AHA moments, and connecting people to new ideas, opportunities, and relationships. (Heck, I’ve even matched a married couple.)

I see opportunity in ev.er.y.thing, yes, everything: the hard stuff, the little things, the unexpected things.

Through The Break Changer workshops, 1:1 sessions, and various digital journeys, I’ve helped 2,000+ people around the world with their self-care and productivity.

Through Brit Stueven PR, I’ve helped 100+ businesses and entrepreneurs with their marketing, design, customer experience, events, and, and, and.

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Before venturing out on my own, I was a YourHub.com journalist at the Rocky Mountain News, led an editorial team at Examiner.com, and was a project manager at Digital First Media. I’ve also worn various hats in golf course management and the music industry. Check out my resume.

Looking to…

…finally get going on that thing that keeps creeping into your daydreams?
…create an unforgettable experience for your clients or customers?
…inspire your people with emails they’ll actually open?

I’ve got you. You’ve got this.

Let’s do this.