Mama Be Present: Tiny Time Capsule

I still haven’t filled out that memory book or printed some photo books or started an email for JeeWoo. Not really sure why. (Time? Emotions? Toddler?)

But I’d still like to document some things NOT on social media that he can read and savor someday. If ya feel me, and you’re looking for something that won’t take much time but will still be super meaningful, try this:

Write down 10 memories with your toddler, seal them up, and save ‘em for later.


Don’t overthink this. Simply take one sheet of paper and jot down 10 joyful moments (big and small) in bullet form or one sentence each. Just like in the memory study in Joy Prompt No. 20, these will probably be things that were novel, sparked emotion, captured the senses, etc.

Here’s what came to mind for JeeWoo:

  • “When the plane landed in Colorado on October 28, the day we brought you home.”
  • “That giraffe stuffy we mailed to you that you still carry everywhere.”
  • “Spending hours finding rolie polies with you.”


Put it in an envelope, a bottle, a mason jar, a wrapped box, a small frame, or whatever you want. (Oh! And if you do a jar or box, you could actually keep adding to it. A little piggy bank of memories!)


Do you want them to open this alone or with you? Do you want to save it till they can read or when they’re 20?

Whatever your wishes are, put that on the outside. Then, hide this tiny time capsule in a secret place and wait for that special day.

In the meantime, pay attention to shifts in your mindset or responses to things.

The sheer act of reflecting on yesterday’s joyful moments just might make you more patient and present today.

(It did for me!)

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