Mama Be Present: Sit ‘N’ Seek

My three favorite ways to exercise are the stationary bike, sit-ups, and the row machine. Why? You get to sit the whole time!

So, it’s no wonder that one of my favorite ways to connect with JeeWoo is not quite with a game of Hide and Seek, but rather a nice, on-your-butt session of…


(AKA a fancy way of sitting and looking for bugs!)

Ya know…

…searching for rolie polies. 
…digging for worms.
…watching ants.

This is one of the only times that he will sit in my lap, stay in my lap, and actually be kind of patient. 

Not only is it super special sitting next to our little garden like this, but it gets addicting looking for bugs. It’s oddly relaxing. It’s very rewarding when you find what you’re looking for. And it’s surprising when you find what you weren’t. 

Plus, having something to focus on AND sit ‘n’ connect AND get the benefits of fresh air and Vitamin D? It’s all a big win in my book. 

If that’s enough motivation (I realize not everyone is a mega nature nerd like me!), get this:

Digging in the dirt is basically a natural antidepressant.

When you’re touching and smelling soil, you’re making contact with a magical brand of bacteria that triggers the release of serotonin in the brain. This not only boosts your immune system but helps you feel more relaxed and happier. 

So, whenever you need a break from being on your feet, invite your mighty sidekick to a game of Sit ‘n’ Seek!

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