Mama Be Present: Spontane Foot Soak

If you’re stressed, anxious, tired, cold, under the weather, or feeling any pain in your body, simply dipping your feet into warm water for 10-15 minutes will do wonders. (If you’re somehow magically alone, increase the temp, and the benefits will, too.)

Not only will your toddler LOVE the impromptu invite to this aquatic adventure, but this warm treat for your feet will trickle all the way up to your mind and likely lift your mood.

AND the heat will increase your circulation, giving you some extra energy to boot.

Every time we do this, JeeWoo quickly loses his clothes and finds ALL the toys to bring in the water. While he has a blast, I get to chill for a bit, and afterwards, we both feel so refreshed. Bada bing, bada boom.


Whether you fill some of the tub or bust out a bucket, I promise you, a spontane foot soak will knock your socks off!

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