Mama Be Present: Rice to the Rescue

At the tail end of a longgg winter night that was also Day 4 of the hubs being outta town, I was touched out, talked out, and just plain burnt out. 

Right before I started clawing at the walls, something in my back pocket came to the rescue:  


It’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways to save. the. day.

  1. If you’re inside, lay down a towel or blanket (because rice!), then dump those day-saving grains* into a small box, bin, or large lid. If it’s nice out, take the party outdoors.
  2. Grab a few toys, spoons, or tools to get your toddler started.
  3. Watch as their imagination explodes with ideas.

(JeeWoo gets SO into this. He runs back and forth, gathering cars, rocks, more spoons, cups, and all the things while I sift the rice with my hands and imagine I’m at the beach.)


When they seep into a zone, tip-toe away and enjoy a little recharge time. (Recently, we did rice play on our back patio, and it was glorious. For a full hour, he played quietly next to me while I chilled at the table with my laptop.)


Rest assured that this sanity-rescuing activity is also super beneficial. According to Emily of Parenting Pop, it boosts visual motor skills, bi-lateral hand coordination, practical life skills, and sensory stimulation. If that’s not a win-win, I don’t know what is!

*Don’t have rice? Try beans. Don’t have beans? Try some soapy water.

Whatever you use, I have a feeling it’ll change everything! 

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