Mama Be Sober

I took that selfie on the morning I made it 100 days without alcohol. 

I wasn’t sliding down rainbows by that point, but I was waking up at 6 a.m. and loving the space to create and write. I was more calm, confident, clear-headed, and most of all, more patient and present with JeeWoo.

Four days later, I broke my streak and have continued for about another 100 days. 


In this season, it’s hard not to “reward” myself with wine at the end of the day. I love sipping it while I cook. I love that it’s mine and no one else’s. I love how it relaxes my every muscle, slows my anxious brain, and softens my overworked senses. 

Society tells me this is all normal. It’s self-care for exhausted moms. It’s our elixir for survival. #mommyjuice 

But when morning hits, my body and brain whisper different messages to my tired soul. While I’m fighting through the fog, feeling oh-so-irritable, and wishing I had the energy of my toddler, I tell myself that tonight will be a Topo Chico night. Then 5 p.m. hits, and so does the craving to be just a little bit numb again. 

The cycle continues. One glass turns into two or three. One night a week turns into every night, and before I know it, the thing that’s “de-stressing” me is controlling me and seeping into everything.

So, it’s time for a reset: Dry August.

If you’re resonating with ANY of this, I hope you’ll join me. 

There will be a separate FB group for honest conversation and accountability. Whether your goal is one or 31 days, or to simply do some exploring, I’m here to try it with you. (I’ll journey with you as a friend — not a coach or medical professional, ya got me?) 

Not in the mood for a group but feeling a nudge to cut back? I hope this gives you the permission you need. I hope you feel less alone. And if you want some life-changing reading, check out This Naked Mind or Quit Like a Woman.

In the meantime, let’s raise a glass (filled with sparkling water, of course!) to better sleep, lighter shoulders, brighter mornings, and more JOY!


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