Mama Be Present: Just Try It

“Mommy, need help!” JeeWoo shouted.
“Buddy, what are you even trying to do?” I asked.
“Hang truck here!” he yelled, as he motioned to a light switch out of reach.
“Oh, buddy, your truck won’t hang there.”
“Mommy! Need help!”
“Bud! It’s not gonna hang from there!”
“Mom! Help!”
“Okay, okay, I’ll try it. I’ll SHOW you how it can’t hang from there.”

I tried.
It worked.
My mind was blown.

A week later, I heard some familiar words.

“Mom, help!” he yelled, from a different light switch. This time, he was trying to attach his juice cup to the diaper bag dispenser and hang THAT contraption from the tiny toggle on the wall.

“Buddy, that’s definitely not going to hang there,” I said.
“Mommm! Try!”

I tried…again.
It worked…again.
Mind blown…again.

Here’s the lesson those light switches taught me:

Stop assuming something can’t happen.
Start believing it can.


In other words, maybe that transition from nap time to solo quiet time will go better than you think. Maybe that second attempt at potty training won’t be as disastrous as the first. Maybe your toddler CAN carry that chair up the stairs over their head.

RE: chair, this happened the other day! JDub kept insisting, so I followed closely behind him, and he never needed my help. WHAT?!

It got me wondering:

✨ What ELSE could be happening if I simply believed it could?✨

Is there something you’ve been putting off or simply saying no to because you *think* it will be a struggle or you *think* it won’t work?

Take some sage advice from your adventurious toddler and just…try it. 🦄

Yes, it might fail miserably. (And you’ll try again. Or you’ll learn something.)

But what if,
…just what if,
…it works out better than you ever imagined?

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