Mama Be Present: Offbeat Picnic

Is breakfast with the kids feeling like Groundhog Day?
Is lunch with no adult convo slowly crushing your soul?
Does snack time feel like the same thing ALL the time?

Well, then. You just might want to try this trick:

An Offbeat Picnic!

In other words, think of an unusual, unexpected spot to enjoy a meal or snack and spontaneously invite your kid/s. For example:

“Hey! Let’s have a PICNIC! Under the…TABLE!!!” 

Don’t worry about perfection or any special preparation. Simply stop, drop, and nosh with your littles and get lost in the moment. 

If the thought of squeezing under the table (like we did!) gives you a kink in your neck, maybe try feasting on the kitchen floor, in a fort, in the hallway, on your front porch, or anywhere that would take your toddler by surprise.  

Not only will they burst with excitement (JDub loved this grub-a-dub switch-up!), but this change in scenery will likely turn up your senses and spark some sweet connection. I found myself asking more questions than normal and when I crawled out and back into reality, I felt oddly refreshed. 

So, whenever those meal times start feeling monotonous, I hope this idea sparks something adventurous!

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