Mama Be Present: Flashlights & Whispers

Some days, we get home dangerously close to nap time (Like 5-10 minutes close!), and all I can think about is how hard the transition will be. Other days, we’ve got all the time in the world and JeeWoo’s just not having it.

In those desperate moments, here’s something that has worked some serious magic:


One time, we grabbed two flashlights and looked for monsters for a few minutes before seamlessly slipping into his room for the ‘ol nap routine. We whispered the whole way. And. he. LISTENED. the. WHOLE. time. (I’ve ne-ver seen him so willing to put on a Pull-up!)

Another time, we flipped on my phone’s flashlight, ventured into a dark bathroom, and made shadow puppets on the wall before another round of painless nap prep.

Just yesterday, with just minutes to spare, I said, “JeeWoo…two minutes till nap time…should we read books with flashlights, today?”

“YESSSSSSS!” he yelled, like I just asked him if he wanted ice cream for breakfast. 💃

“Okay, then! We can ONLY whisper!” I said with a soft voice, as he quickly followed suit.

I can’t believe this tactic has worked not once, not twice, but three times…and like a d-r-e-a-m. Not only is Tiny Tornado more compliant, but I also become more present. 💛

Suddenly, that same book I’ve read 1,000 times feels like a brand new one – all because of two tiny changes. ✨

So, if you’re in a nap- or bed-time pinch or needing a day-saving trick, I hope this quick switch of the senses works for you, too!

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