Mama Be Present: Meet Your Guides

Hi! I’m Brit. While my current title is SAHM, which I personally think should stand for Selfless and Heroic Mama, I’ve worn many hats in this bumble-bee life: journalist, entrepreneur, assistant golf course manager, self-care coach, and, and, and.

My favorite role is Mama, and I started wearing this hot-pink, sparkly hard hat in October 2020. After 24 months in the adoption process and 52 nights in South Korea, my husband and I finally brought JeeWoo home. We were elated and exhausted…amazed and terrified…grateful and clueless.

Based on what our agency told us, we were prepared for him to have a heckuva transition. But he did better than we did. (I mean, starting parenting with a two-year-old in the thick of a pandemic is baptism by fire!)

Oh, what a ride this season has been. It has brought out sides of me I didn’t know existed, all while filling me with unexplainable gratitude. It’s been the most beautiful, paradoxical thing I’ve ever experienced. But deep in that tension is where we grow, and lately, a fog has been lifting.

You see, every time I seek special moments or experience small miracles with JeeWoo, something shifts in me. It has even led me to this theory:

Pouring into your kiddo for a few intentional minutes a day is one of the most powerful forms of self-care. In my opinion, it’s the missing link in every article I’ve read on mommy burnout and stay-at-home-mom depression.

I’m not saying it’s the end-all, be-all fix. No way. But sometimes, all we need is right in front of us (Hello, hilarious child!) and right inside of us. (What’s up, fresh perspective? Oh, heyyy, shifted expectations!)

Sometimes, there are those days when you can’t get a break, make another decision, or make time for anything but surviving. But just like turning on music when the sun is setting can immediately stop the sky from falling, a sliver of focused time with your child can change everything.

All it takes is one spark to re-light that fire, mama.

And THAT is where the joy prompts will come in. They’ll be posted every Tuesday in the private Facebook group and on the Mama Be Present Instagram.

We cannot WAIT to explore them with you!


Brit + JeeWoo

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