Mama Be Present: Stop. Drop. Mom.

I don’t know what it is about dogs and small children, but their someone’s-on-the-floor radar is impressive. Of course, they have no idea you exist when you ask them to go potty, keep walking, stay off that lawn, come inside, and, and, and…


As soon as you’re sitting or lying on the ground, they drop everything they’re doing and attack…without warning…with all the playful love in the world. Pretty sure that and the pantry opening are the only two things that *actually* get their attention. Oh, wait. Let’s add Cocomelon to that very short list.

They’re not the only ones who struggle to be pulled from their personal vortexes, though.

If we flipped the perspective, I’m sure toddlers would say that us mamas are just as hard to crack…

…especially when we’re texting / working / cooking / cleaning / participating in those things that toddlers are *made* to destruct: adult conversations.

Of course we can’t give our kids the kind of attention they vie for 24/7. Anddd of course we still find ways to feel guilty about that, but, um, no one would survive.

Speaking of survival, though, maybe you’re wondering right this very minute how you’ll make it through today. Or maybe you know that feeling is inevitably on the way, because, well, parenting. Or maybe you need a quick breather or excuse to be silly with your kiddie.

Wherever you stand, here’s something that just might give you life again:

Stop. Drop. Mom.

That’s right…

Stop what you’re doing, grab your kiddo, and literally get on the floor with them. Then, let them lead the way.

Maybe they’ll want to tackle you, sit on your stomach, lie next to you, or lay a thousand kisses on you. Whatever they have up their sleeve, just roll with it. Melt into the moment with it — even if they’re not into it. 

Take this tiny opportunity to get grounded (literally!) for a few minutes.

See what happens…

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