Mama Be Present: Glass Canvas

I’ll never forget the time my dad invited me to trace the moon with Crayola markers on the window with him.

How is it that for nearly 30 years, these tiny, turquoise circles haven’t escaped my brain?How is it that something that lasted maybe six minutes has remained etched in my mind’s eye?

Well, in 2018, the Happiness Research Institute conducted the Happy Memory Study, which prompted 1,000+ people of all ages and genders from 75 countries to describe one happy memory.

From wedding day stories to their child’s first steps, some memories captured the big moments. Others captured the simple things, like watching soccer with their dad or eating cheese and pickle sandwiches.

Of all the submissions, though, 100% of them contained something that was truly noticed or paid attention to. Here’s what else they found:

62% engaged the senses.
56% invoked emotion.
37% were meaningful.
23% harnessed the power of firsts.

So THAT’s why I remember that slice of time with my pops!

Also, most of what we did together in my childhood was sporty (shooting hoops, riding bikes, going to basketball games), so, when he prompted us to do something creative, he had my full attention.

Nothing captures the mind quite like the unexpected, and nothing activates a child’s senses like freely drawing on a see-through, normally off-limits surface — especially for the first time. (JeeWoo sure loved it!)

So, are you plum out of ideas for the kiddos? Well, my indoor innovator, it’s time to turn an everyday, in-the-background object (a window!) into an extraordinary opportunity (a glass canvas!).

Get your hands on a washable or dry-erase marker, beeline to the nearest strip ‘o glass with your kid/s, and start tracing, doodling, or drawing.

Let your imaginations run wild.

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