I really cherish Brit’s work.
It has completely impacted my life.

Christina Argo

From the beginning, I was blown away by Brit’s positive energy, strong will to deliver extraordinary results and her view beyond the horizon. She really has a way with people. I don’t know how she does it. Through her writing, presenting and facilitating, she has a presence that’s trustworthy, genuine and captivating. We’ll miss having her here to re-energize our CEOs and even our visitors. Brit is hands down one of the most positive, happiest people I have ever met. Her energy is contagious.

Peter Hornik, Founder/Managing Director at 1st Mover, Business Mentor at E.ON agile accelerator

Brit’s program for female entrepreneurs fuels you with pure energy, makes you reconsider your habits and lets you find new ways of organizing yourself, your time and your business!

Every week you’ll be put into a new challenge, the exchange with like-minded people is soooo inspiring and the “virtuality” of the program allows for a certain anonymousness which lets you open up. I definitely grew beyond my own borders, found new sources of motivation and became more disciplined. The changes I made are small steps, but come with a major impact!

You think, OK, this is not rocket science…do I need a program for this? Yeah, sure, but being honest, we are all lazy and comfy human beings, aren’t we? We don’t easily change our long-term habits. Having a back-up support of a whole group, sharing their experiences, success stories and failures…it’s so much easier! I now wake up so much earlier than before. I even now go jogging in the morning.

This is a pure energy boost! It’s your superfood for your business!

— Maria Mann, Sr. Mgr. Digital Innovation & Business Transformation, PBW Digital Solutions

The first Break Changer came at the perfect time for me. We had just moved back to the U.S. after living abroad for four years. I was really worried I would lose that slower paced yet still exciting lifestyle we had settled into while living in Poland and Germany.

This program made me realize that it isn’t geography (ya know, where we live) that provides that excitement and encourages a love of life (granted being surrounded by old beautiful buildings and a foreign language help), it is really your mindset: How you go about your day, what you decide to experience versus shut out, how much you intentionally let the daily grind/routine wear you down and dictate your happiness and the things you prioritize.

With a minor shift in my daily perspective, each TBC since that first one has helped me understand how it’s possible to slow it all down, break away from the Groundhog Day-ness, find excitement in the everyday, and in the most recent one, open my mind to the idea of possibility.

— Kate Getty, stay-at-home mom

Talking, being, and working with Brit was always fun and most of all, very productive. I always felt as if she really, really understood what we needed.

Inga Land

Our daily accelerator life is usually hectic and packed, with even no time for a proper lunch sometimes. Then Brit stepped into our life. Through The Break Changer series for our startups and core team, she designed 11 different sessions for us (how to reduce stress before pitches, how to re-prioritize our to-do lists, etc.) and really took the time to understand the startup needs.

Brit did that with so much enthusiasm and positive energy that I just loved being around her. She had a hard time getting our startups and internal team going. Read above: we think there is not time for lunch ;-). BUT she never gave up. Talking, being and working with Brit was always fun and most of all, very productive. I always felt as if Brit really, really understood what we needed.

Inga Land, Community & Marketing Management, E.ON :agile accelerator

I have a hard time trusting people, but I’ve always trusted Brit because she is a genuinely GOOD person. Her gleeful hard work, impressive follow-ups and determination are truly inspiring. She’s a hyper-compassionate coach with the personal life experience and wherewithal to change lives. Her last challenge offered much-needed respite from my mentally exhausting sales job, but the Summer Reset was a pivotal time as well. Brit is without question one of the major influences that pushed me to make a big change in my life, and now, as I navigate following my dreams and building a health-focused business, I can’t think of anyone I would trust more to guide me.

Cameron Prendergast, yoga instructor, fitness expert, DJ

The 10-for-10 Challenge met my expectations before it even began. I couldn’t help but invite tons of people to join me. You know you’re on to something when people show up. Plus, the content is f*cking brilliant and lovely. Brit’s heart shows. I loved all of it. I hope she’s in the long haul for this one. We need this. We’re starving for it…Americans especially.

Ashley Kingsley, President at Ashley E. Kingsley


Thank you very much for these wonderful four weeks and for being so patient and dedicated to us. Your emails, examples, quotes, videos and everything you share (with so much love) really help me to learn more about me and others. I think the world needs more people like you, with so much love, kindness, generosity, and care for others. It was an incredible journey.

Catalina Melo, student, Bogotá, Colombia

Brit has the greatest positive charisma in anyone I’ve ever met. From our very first conversation, I made a decision to become as enthusiastic as she is. True story. She has an awesome vibe and energy.

Navin Jaan, Masters Student in Management and Marketing

Brit is without question one of the major influences that pushed me to make a big change in my life.

Cameron Prendergast

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