Mama Be Present: Partner in Play Crime

After a long afternoon of errands, emergency bathroom stops, and all those comical mishaps that come with a toddler in tow, JeeWoo and I were hangry, tired, and conveniently stuck in traffic. I needed a flip in perspective, and I needed it FAST.

When “Down Under” by Men at Work came on, I pumped up the volume and did some silly dancing in my seat. The goal was to shake off the crazies and make JeeWoo smile. THAT, I accomplished.

What I didn’t intend for? The trucker on my left to see me. 🤦‍♀️😂

Even though he was laughing and dancing along, I was pretty embarrassed. It got me thinking:

If I were alone, would I have danced like that? Um, no.

Then, I had an AHA:

Raising a toddler means having a 24/7 wingman for all your wildest, be-a-kid-again cravings. Kiddos are ALWAYS waiting in the wings to roll down hills, swing on swings, hang upside down, and do silly things.

So, if there’s something you’re wanting to do, but it feels pointless, petty, embarrassing, or like something you’d never dare do alone, NOW is the time to embrace the ultimate partner in play crime: your kid!

What’s coming to mind for ya? Even if you’re rolling your eyes or have no energy right now, dig into your daydreams and put a ditty (or three) in your back pocket.

Here’s mine:

  • Handing flowers out to strangers.
  • Blowing bubbles in a public place.
  • Sidewalk-chalking a park path or somewhere unexpected.

I can’t even imagine how much fun JDub + I would have doing those things! Just thinking about them makes me smile, and boy, I’m exhausted right now, so that says a lot.

What are yours? Comment below. Or do ya need help brainstorming? Message me! Whee hee!

P.S. Yes, it’s tough to have a sticky, noisy, touchy, play-hungry human in your space all day every day, but soon, this 24/7 wingman won’t be by your side anymore. Soon, you won’t have an easy excuse to seize the day in silly, memorable ways.

So, it’s Go Time, mama. I think it’s high time for a play crime, don’t you?

📷: xinandxinphotography

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