Break the Ground

Taking you from “I’ve gotta start doing it” to “I’m doing it” in 30 days.

We all have that one thing we keep putting off…

…the book.
…the biz idea.
…the painting.
…the job change.
…those last 5 pounds.
…organizing the closet.
…the break from drinking.

What’s yours?

You know you’ve got one.

Whether it’s a big creative project or a little habit you want to form — every day, month, and year that goes by without *starting* is another day, month, year, DECADE that you spend wondering…

…how you’d FEEL if that hall closet was finally free of all that STUFF.
…how you’d FEEL if people were finally hanging YOUR art on their walls.
…how you’d FEEL at your goodbye party from your 9-5, because you were finally taking your biz full time.

And the rational part of you knows — from anything that’s ever been scary / hard / new / overwhelming / time-consuming / good for you — that once you get started, it’s always a case of:

“Why didn’t I just jump in sooner?”

But you know the answer.

It’s because of this:

That FIRST friggin’ step is the HARDEST PART.

It’s like breaking ground with a shovel. (If you’re the indoors type, stick with me.) The first few digs are tough. And then, the dirt starts to loosen up. And the digging becomes so easy!

What if you could get that first dig / step / leap over with?
What if you could be at the “doing it” stage instead of “waiting to do it” or “gotta start doing it”?


Taking you from “I’ve gotta start doing it” to “I’m doing it” in 30 days.

(And if you think of how long you’ve spent in “I’ve gotta,” you know 30 days is nothing.)

In just a month, you’ll:

  • Make space in your life for what you really want to do
  • Detox from the distractions and negative self-talk that keep sabotaging you
  • Learn to turn fear into fuel, so it never stops you again
  • Get over First-Step-Phobia, so you have a jump-in mentality
  • Find yourself easing into your One Thing, without feelings of pressure, panic, or rushing
  • Learn to trust your gut and build the strong foundation you’ve been missing
  • Pinpoint your manageable, galvanizing first step — and take it!


This journey will take place 100% on my Marco Polo Channel!

This is a video-first, ad-free, algorithm-free, coaching app that allows for:

:: Connection on your own time
:: Authentic face-to-face interaction
:: Communication that fits your busy life
:: A private, exclusive environment for BtG members only

Available on iOS and Android


  • Every Monday, I’ll post a 10- to 15-minute video about that week’s topic with a tiny nudge.
  • Every Thursday, I’ll post a check-in video with a new nudge/next step. Not feeling that prompt? This will also be your opportunity to ask a specific question related to your own journey.
  • Throughout the week, you’ll be encouraged (but by no means required!) to share your progress with one-minute max video or voice recordings. Not only will I be by your side through this, but so will all your fellow Ground Breakers…showing up as we are.


July 1-4 // Introductions

Post your first video! Tell us about yourself + what your One Thing is while getting acquainted with the app and all your new friends. Then, here’s a sneak peek at what we’ll tackle between July 5 and 30:

WEEK 1 // Barriers + Breakthroughs

  • Monday: Your Big Why
  • Thursday: Throwback Breakthroughs

WEEK 2 // The Art of Inching

  • Monday: Your First Step
  • Thursday: Break It Down

WEEK 3 // Friction Before The Flame

  • Monday: Fear, You ARE Welcome Here
  • Thursday: P-a-a-a-t-i-e-n-c-e

WEEK 4 // The Great In-Between

  • Monday: Your Oreo Filling
  • Thursday: Sprout Soiree 

As you can see, this is more about the inner work, and less about the get-it-done, outer work. At times, it might not even feel like you’re making the progress that the world tells you that you should be making — or how you even envision conquering your One Thing. But you’ll be making more progress than you even know — progress that is crucial for your head, your heart, and the longevity of that One Thing. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll find when you truly dig *in* to that dream of yours.

That said, the two key ingredients you’ll experience in Break the Ground are:

gentle accountability

Some things just can’t be done alone, and there’s nothing better than knowing someone else (me!) and a tight community (your fellow Ground Breakers!) have your back.

Steady progress

As you get going on your One Thing, you’ll do it slowly, steadily, and oh-so-intentionally. You’ll build confidence, a strong foundation, and a new perspective on patience.

I have a hard time trusting people, but I’ve always trusted Brit because she is a genuinely GOOD person. Her gleeful hard work, impressive follow-ups, and determination are truly inspiring. She is without question one of the major influences that pushed me to make a big change in my life.

Cam Prendergast || Ecstatic Dance DJ, Ambient Guitarist, Yoga Teacher


But more opportunities and journeys are in the works! Be the first to find out about them via my newsletter. Are we not pen pals yet? Well, then…


How much time should I plan to devote to this?

As for how much time you will want to dedicate to your One Thing, that is up to you — and I can help you with that when we dig in. But as for content, each week, there will be about 20-30 minutes of videos (2 main videos, lasting 10-15 minutes each) from yours truly. Then, there will be optional video/voice replies from your fellow Ground Breakers, my replies, and some one-off bonus videos as our journey unfolds and things pop up.

What’s your refund policy?

With all the information provided for you on this page, I trust that you’ll make the best decision. Not one person has requested a refund from any of my programs, but should you be unhappy with your experience, I’m open to discussing with you at the end. Not every week will be the same, so I want you to give this a full shot!

What you put into this will determine what you get out of it. If you aren’t feeling an impact after the 30 days, we’ll look at your participation and completion of assignments and go from there.

I’m not into the video thing, but I’m dying for accountability. Is this still a good fit?

Unfortunately, it won’t this time. BUT — you can totally interact with voice messages, and even if that feels uncomfy to you, don’t fret. You don’t HAVE to be an active participant to experience the impact of community. In every single program I’ve led, there are always those people who, well, lurk — and still get a ton out of it. I mean — think about how many podcasts, movies, and songs that have inspired you! Did you interact directly with them? No way! Did they put some fire under butt, though? Exactly…

Will there be emails or a Facebook group?

Not this time! All on Marco Polo, baby. I want this to be as streamlined as possible so you can have as much space and time to focus on your One Thing.

I have a question that’s not addressed here. Where can I reach you?

Send a note to