well, hi!

I’m Brit. I’m a mama, multi-passionate creative, and joy coach.

I love writing, dancing in the kitchen, AHA moments + Godwinks, taking notes from nature, and connecting people with rest, play, and ultimately, more joy.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading. I hope something inspires you!


This ‘whiplash’ is really a cha-cha

As I sat down and attempted to stretch my outer left fingers to their usual C-to-C keys, my thumb-restricted wrist brace held me back.Ughhhh, just add that to the long, lovely list of things I need to keep waiting on,…

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Don’t wait till it’s perfect

The following words are not for brain surgeons, bridge engineers, rocket scientists, wasabi farmers, tightrope walkers, seamstresses, Olympians, or anyone who’s cooking turkey. Because let’s face it:  There are things in this life that require…

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Delightfully messy joy

Lessons from Mamahood When my neighborhood magazine, Solterra Living, asked me to share my story of becoming a mama, I was so honored. But, wow, little did I know that it would take me six…

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Mama Be Present: Return to You

Just a few months after starting Mama Be Present, I was struggling. I couldn’t tell if my thyroid had plummeted, if depression was creeping in, or if I was burnt out from JeeWoo no longer…

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Mama Be Present: Snap a Mental Pic

One morning, I sat down and actually googled “How to be a present mom when you’re burnt out.” While glazing over tip after tiring tip on how to fight Mommy Burnout, one mom’s perspective caught…

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