Perhaps this ‘whiplash’ is really a cha-cha

As I sat down and attempted to stretch my outer left fingers to their usual C-to-C keys, my thumb-restricted wrist brace held me back.Ughhhh, just add that to the long, lovely list of things I need to keep waiting on, I bah-humbugged to myself, as I bitterly walked away from the piano.Thanks to a little thing called "Mommy Wrist" — a type of … Continue reading Perhaps this ‘whiplash’ is really a cha-cha

Don’t wait till it’s perfect

The following words are not for brain surgeons, bridge engineers, rocket scientists, wasabi farmers, tightrope walkers, seamstresses, Olympians, or anyone who’s cooking turkey. Because let’s face it:  There are things in this life that require meticulous focus, impeccable conditions, diligent practice, and precise timing.  Some things require nothing but to wait till it’s literally “done,” … Continue reading Don’t wait till it’s perfect

Dead grass, a published typo, and other unexpectedly inspiring things

Before you dig in, I'll have you know this: I wrote this on Saturday, then decided not to post it. Even after encouraging you, too, to embrace imperfection and incompleteness, I suddenly worried that this was too scattered and too...impulsive. How hilarious is that? But after some just-do-it encouragement from a friend who I knew … Continue reading Dead grass, a published typo, and other unexpectedly inspiring things

She stopped saying ‘someday’

In August 2015, I led a pilot program called the 30-Day Journey with 86 open-minded participants. We explored the art of choosing stillness, gratitude, simplicity, and adventure with small-action, big-impact prompts along the way. Some people shared a ton on how much it was impacting them, while some people stayed totally quiet. Part of me thought those silent folks … Continue reading She stopped saying ‘someday’