60 of a trillion reasons why I love you, mama

Here are 60 of a trillion in-no-order reasons why I love you on your 60th birthday.
1. You’re so modest. You’re cringing at the fact that I’m publicly blogging about you, but that’s what you get when you’re an inspiring person. You move people. And you’ve moved me to tell others about you, in hopes that the light you bring into this world will touch them, too.
2. You’re a light. That’s right. Your voice, your vibe, your laugh, your smile, your questions, your stories, your ENERGY. You light up every room you walk into.
3. You add a JOLT of electricity to every phone call + FaceTime sesh you hop onto.
4. You make friends everywhere you go.
5. You make every person around you feel like they’re the most important person in the world.
6. You’re a damn good talker. You can be woken up at 3 a.m. and be ready to chat.
7. You’re somehow an even better listener.
8. You are the QUEEN of questions. I love this as much as I hate this! LOL!!
9. Let’s face it. You’re a babe. You make 60 look like the new 30.
10. Perseverance is your jam. You always, always, always move forward. I remember asking you a looong time ago, “Mom, how do you stay so strong during hard times?” And you took me back to a time when your good friend was taken entirely too young and what her mom told you. She said, “I could sit here in this rocking chair and be sad and helpless, or I could move forward like she would want me to.” You took a lot from that. You’re so unbelievably strong.
11. You’re selfless. Even in the hardest of times, you’re always thinking of others.
12. You have THE best memory. I don’t know how you vividly remember so much from your childhood and then some, but you do.
13. You love MAKING memories. You are a moments-with-people cherisher and a keeper of ALL the details.
14. You’re just as quick to let go of the tangible as you are to save what truly needs saving. You know, old-ass soft pajamas, pictures, those fall leaves I mailed you in college. The important things. 😉
15. You’ve taught me the divine power of pajamas and how it’s totally OK to spend an entire day and night in them. and sometimes shower and get back into them. and have too many pairs of them. matching pairs of them.
16. I will always remember the Christmases that were entirely spent in our PJs! And the new pairs we got every Christmas Eve! And the new pairs you continue to mail me!
17. And the socks!! The crazy socks. You’ve taught me the power of comfy feet. Christmas-socks-in-July-and-Halloween-socks-in-January feet.
18. You started the Ugg trend…in 1992.
19. You’ve taught me the power of dancing. And dancing in the kitchen.
20. You’ve taught me the power of music. And music in the kitchen.
21. You taught me friendship and slumber parties.
22. You taught me the art of documenting. pictures. pictures. pictures!!!!
23. You’re all ABOUT the little things. You’ve instilled this in me, and I love you for it. Every day is so full when you can see so much power in the littlest of things. A cool flower. An adorable dog. Convos with others. Sitting in the sun. Lipstick. Ice cream. Blankets. You know, PJs. The trolley in Laguna. Greeting cards. COFFEE. Really good bread. Calling for the sake of calling. A pineapple martini. Morning routines.
24. You are the QUEEN of routine but you secretly LOVE getting out of your comfort zone.
25. You’re coming to Germany. You’re gonna get on a plane and fly to Germany. This is HUGE!!!!!! Words can’t sum THIS up!
26. You’re the reason I love fall.
27. You’re the reason I play golf!
28. I miss winning Ladies Night Monday golf with you…and the laughs that ensued!
29. Remember when you and dad used to bring Maddy puppuccinos…but only on the weekends?
30. You make such an impression on people. It’s no wonder they remember you everywhere you go.
31. You make people laugh on purpose. You also make them laugh on accident with your innocence. Isaac from The Fray, “Hey, Debbie…you gotta come to my rock show!” You: “Oh…I’ll have to tell my daughter! She used to collect rocks!”
32. You could convince dirt to turn itself into gold. I *truly* believe it would listen to you…not because you’re some skeezy saleswoman, but because you’re a genuine believer in people and making things HAPPEN. You have a *way* with people.
33. You’ve built more than an empire of returning shoppers with your job. You’ve built a family of engaged men and women that  I’m convinced don’t show up for the great deals and quality clothes. Pretty sure they return for the *experience* and to catch up with Deb.
34. You were an amazing maid of honor. Planning the details of that winter wedding with you was one of the best stretches of my life!
35. You and dad have taught me what marriage is all about: commitment. friendship. laughter. simplicity. honesty. modesty. gratitude. family. tradition. rolling with the changes. being there. always moving forward.
36. I love that you’re friends with my friends and vice versa. I hope D and I are considered cool enough to be invited to our kid’s birthday parties and karaoke outings, too. I hope my kid/s go out to dinner my friends (even sometimes without me), too.
37. I love how much you love the ocean and returning to Laguna time and again.
38. I love how much you cherish the humor in things not going as planned and how you’re not afraid to ask a cab driver to come pick a group of ladies up, even when he says “You could walk!” …even when it’s literally next door. Best. trip. ever.
39. You taught me how to be goofy…how to have fun.
40. Thank you for keeping all the incredible clothes you did over the years. You curated the BEST dress-up collection ever…the BEST wardrobe to some of my BEST high school memories.
557887_10101354215622933_776441205_n (1)
41. You are the BEST mimi. And this was fun to come across this morning:
42. Thank you for learning The Wobble with my friends.
43. Thank you for going to Laguna with us before we moved to Germany. It was SO dang hard not to be there for the real deal last month, but man, it truly meant so much to spend that time by the ocean. We WILL go back! DUH!
44. I love that you read every word of what I write. You are my biggest cheerleader, my biggest fan. You are one of the main reasons I move forward with what I DO!
45. You are SUCH a good friend. GEEZ. It shows.
46. I love that I was born in the 80s. I wouldn’t have this life any other way. Thank you for giving me life, mama and daddio, and for everything you’ve done for me. I’m forever grateful.
47. You sacrifice and GIVE so much for your family. This will never go unnoticed.
48. I love texting with you!
49. You have NEVER not been there for me.
50. You will always be the youngest-at-heart person I will ever know! And that’s a HUGE compliment!
51. I love how you used to check my Instagram and business Facebook page from your browser then text me about each post.
52. I love how you “heart” every single one of my IG posts, now. I always know when you’re up and at ’em…when I get that notification.
53. You think you’re a bad speller, but you’re always right on the first try.
54. You think you’re bad with technology, but look at where you’re at, now, Miss Email, Miss Text, Miss iPad, Miss FaceTime, Miss I-Can-Send-Videos, Miss IG, Miss I-know-more-about-the-places-you-visit-than-you-do.
55. YOU are so much smarter and wiser than you give yourself credit for!!!
56. YOU were the one who told me about Uptown Funk.
57. YOU were the one who believed in Jordan Spieth first. 😉
58. You’re my confidant.
59. You’re a light.
60. You’re my bestie, mama. I love you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

One thought on “60 of a trillion reasons why I love you, mama

  1. What a beautiful tribute to your Mother! I’m sure she deserves every word and thought… look forward to getting to know her in the future… People should be honored while they are HERE to enjoy it… You did it right Brit! What a Happy Birthday you gave to your Mom!


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